Are you tired all the time?

Do you feel like life has become relentless?

Or even that you’re at risk of burnout?

If so, you might benefit from resetting your routine based on high-performance principles.

Back to basics

For 99.99% of human existence our routines were shaped by our natural environment.

We were active in the day and slept when dark, gathering in small groups to forage and hunt for food.. Humans evolved in sequence with a daily rhythm, dictated by nature and our own biology.

Fast forward to today and everything has changed.

Far from being tethered to nature, we now work in a way which is independent from these daily rhythms. Where once we were connected to the Earth and to each other, today we are increasingly disconnected.

For many of us, we rarely see daylight, hardly move and we work continuously.

This is what is known as an evolutionary mismatch.

What can we do?

Instead of forcing ourselves to keep up, we can instead learn (or re-learn) to operate within the natural rhythms of our own biology.

Human beings perform better, feel better and enjoy themselves more when they work in this way.

We call this operating in a high-performance routine.

Covid has only accelerated the trends of overworking and underperforming, disrupting further the natural rhythm in which humans tend to thrive.

Many of us have fallen into routines which we did not consciously design and which do not serve us.

However, there is an alternative – This website exists to help you explore what that might look like for you.

To start with: