What are High Performance Routines?

High-performance routines are about working in sync with our bodies’ natural rhythms, allowing for better focus, health and performance.

There are 4 stages to any high-performance routine:

  • Preparation – enabling better prioritisation and a mental transition into focus mode;
  • Focus – allowing greater impact and efficiency by focusing fully on the task at hand;
  • Warm down – creating mental separation from work and optimising recovery time;
  • Recovery – allows for both energy and perspective to be regained.

Understanding each of the 4 stages

Taken together, these 4 stages create an ‘up’ or ‘perform’ phase (Preparation + Focus), followed by a ‘down’ or ‘recover’ phase (Warm down + Recovery).

The Preparation and Warm down phases are both transition phases.

For example, without Preparation it can be hard to Focus because priorities are not established and the necessary mental transition has not been made.

Equally, without Warm down, it can be hard to switch off in order to recover.

When placed in a sequence these 4 stages enable sustainable high-performance.

Research suggests that people become stronger through stress by following these stages whilst missing any out can lead to lower performance or even burnout.