Quiz Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The content of our quizzes / assessments, such as graphics, images, text and all other materials are copyrighted by Rob Archer Ltd unless otherwise noted, and are provided for reference and educational purposes only.

Information We Collect

The data collected from our quizzes / assessments is collected with consent, and includes e-mail addresses, IP addresses, work status and some basic personal information. By submitting personal information, you grant Rob Archer Psychology Ltd. the right to transmit, monitor, retrieve, store and use your information in connection with the operation and development of our assessments and reports.

How we use your information:

  • To personalize your experience and provide you with tailored outcomes and reports
  • To improve and build on the services we offer.
  • To assess the impact of our programmes, by comparing it to data collected out with our online assessments.
  • To provide group-level insights of the current challenges your group / industry might be facing.
  • For research purposes – to assess the impact of our services and to create benchmarks.
  • Anonymised group-level impact data may also be used for marketing materials.
  • To provide updates, follow up information, or to answer enquiries from service users.

Data Storage

All data is collected through online data management systems: Typeform. These accounts are only accessible by nominated Rob Archer Psychology Ltd. personnel through a password-protected system. Data extracted for collation, analysis or presentation purposes are stored on Rob Archer Psychology Ltd. servers and devices, which are only accessible by Rob Archer Psychology Ltd. personnel through a password-protection entry. If for any reason, you would like your data to be deleted or if you would like access to your original data, please contact us at any time. The Rob Archer Psychology Ltd. treats any individual’s data in the strictest confidence. We work to comply with the recent GDPR regulations and you can find our latest GDPR Privacy Policy on the High Performance Routines website.


Our website uses “cookies” to determine the number of times a page on the website has been accessed.


Finally, participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw from the quiz / assessment at any time.