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All of our resources are developed using science and research, and are specifically designed to support individuals and organisations to work more closely within their natural biology whilst still achieving high performance.


Daily HPR Checklist

Checklists have been proven to improve decision-making under pressure and reduce stress. This simple daily exercise can help you to embed the 4 stages of a HPR into your routine in a way that will create calm and clarity over your working day.

Design Your Daily HPR

Although our ideal routine isn’t always achievable, it is really helpful to understand what ‘ideal’ actually looks like. This exercise will help you to think through a routine that will get the best out of you sustainably. Armed with this information, it is easier to make behaviour change more sustainably.

The Key to Me

A brilliant ice breaker for your team.

Get to know each other’s working styles, personality and values in a fun way, so that you can be a closer, more inclusive and healthier high-performing team.

Online Quizzes

Do you need a HPR?

Take the quiz to find out if you would benefit from implementing a High Performance Routine

Which aspect of a HPR do you need to improve?

Take the quiz to find out which of the 4 phases of a High Performance Routine you would most benefit from strengthening

Resilience Audit

Take the quiz to find out how aligned you are with the six main foundations of resilience

Further e-books

Thriving in Uncertainty

The Marginal Gains Handbook