“Rob delivers with expertise, energy and humour.  Using science and theory, he ran a practical, action based session for our senior Exec team.

The feedback was so unanimously positive that we are now working with Rob across the whole of ITV”

Dame Carolyn McCall – CEO ITV Group


“The High-performance routines concept has been very impactful to me; my team and my family. The concept really enabled me to develop myself to a better manager and leader. I could implement lots of the routines at an individual (professional and private) and team level. This shows up by increased individual and team performance, less felt overload and better wellbeing across every individual and as a team

Nicolas Lother – Chief Product Officer

“I can count on less than one hand the number of people I would recommend…Rob is right at the top of that list.”

Simon Rogerson – CEO Octopus Group

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Trusted by:

“When I come across gold dust like this, I bring them into the company and work with them for a very long time”

Kirstie Hawton – People Director Octopus Group

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“The help we have had from Rob Archer has allowed the team to identify and implement marginal gains in individual performance to aid recovery and improve performance through the season. The project has been taken up enthusiastically by those involved and the results are clear. The team performs better as a result.”

Ciaron Pilbeam – Head of Trackside Engineering, Renault F1 / Alpine F1 Team

Alpine F1 Team

"People said it was the best course they’d taken at the firm."

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