Warm Down

The main purpose of a ‘Warm down’ phase is to transition away from work and intentionally start the recovery process.

Just as during a holiday most of us need a day or two to decompress before we can fully relax, so during the day most people need some time before they can switch off.

The benefits of an intentional Warm down routine therefore include optimising the Recovery part of our routine which follows.

In addition, people report lower anxiety and reductions in the work / life blur from strengthening their Warm down routine.
Wind down

In addition to Warm down, some people benefit from strengthening their Wind down routine.

These are the sequence of behaviours and / or rituals you take immediately prior to sleep. The emphasis here should be on soothing activities, placed in a predictable pattern.

By strengthening the Warm down (or Wind down) routine, you are likely to optimise your recovery, feel re-energised, and increase your ability to switch off at the end of the day. All of this can also enhance the quality of your sleep.