How To Mentally Prepare Yourself To Give The Performance Of Your Life

“ Pre-performance routines condition the mind to react well to pressure ,” explains Martin Turner, Sports Psychologist.

Olympic Gold medal winner Mo Farah, for example, listens to music, sleeps, drinks coffee, and then gets himself psyched up for the race prior to his performances. This routine helps him to stay in control of his mental state.

The way you spend your time right before a big performance will influence your chance of success.

How To Get Through an Extremely Busy Time at Work

Many of us go through periods when we have to work intense and long hours and get very little time for rest. While this kind of overwork is not ideal, there are undoubtedly situations in which it becomes a necessity or makes sense. Here are some practical tips for surviving and thriving.

This article talks about how to get through an extremely busy time at work.

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